The Passing of Jim Crockett

Pro Wrestling Central is very sorry to hear of the passing of Jim Crocket Jr. , the former promoter of Jim Corckett Promotions. Whicn is effectionally remembered for its run on TBS under the World Championship Wrestling banner.

The former NWA President inherited the company from his own father, Jim Crockett Sr. Crockett Promotions was already a successful regional promotion in the Carolinas. Crockett Jr. took advantage of the declining territory era by purchasing or gaining control of much of the remaining NWA territories. He was about to purchase the GCW timeslot on TBS after the network had a falling out witn Vince McMahon. The show which had become WCW by that point , allowed Crockett to run as the main opposition to Vince McMahons’s WWE . When the promotison’s success waned , Crockett sold off his company Turner Broadcasting.

Crockett attempted a brief comeback a few years later under the World Wrestling Network banner. But has spent the many decades since mostly running a real estate business. He did make an appearance at the Starrcast Fan conventions just a few years ago.

Pro Wrestling Central sends best wishes the Crockett Family. And hopes Mr. Crockett rests in peace.

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