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Michelle Wilson and George Barrios Should Buy ROH

Michelle Wilson and George Barrios should buy Ring of Honor wrestling from Sinclair Broadcasting.

The two former WWE executives can us their new SPAC to fun the purchase. The move woukd give them a wrestling coimoany with media and ip to montize. The two could grow Honor Club like they did with WWE Network. Ring Of Honornals has a lot of touring and merchsndise potential. The lrodpsect of a major tv deal in an era of megs slorts rights deals can’t be ignored. Such a deal could see ROH remain on Sinclair Stations through some sort of tv deal. The company could even maintain a minority share.

Michelle and Barrios were.very successful in helping the WWE to greatly grow their stock price and position themselves fo massive tv deals. Their innovation with the WWE Network can not be ignored.

Ring Of Honor was purchased by Sinclair in 2011. Since then the corporation has created a tv franchise for their Broadcast Stations snd other outlets. The culmination being an event at Madsion Square Garden in 2019.

Ring of Honor was founded by RF Video in 2002, existing mostly to sell DVDs for the company thst once produced them for ECW. Ticket Broker Carey Silken wound up becoming the majority owner and bought out RF Video. Silken owned the company for much of its first decade. Attempting to get on tv on his own and had a series on HD Net for a short while. After thst series ran its course Silken ultimately sold to Sinclair for their run with the company.

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