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There Is A Path For Anthem Owner to Buy AEW PPVs

There is a realistic path for Anthem Owner Leonard Asper to pay AEW for the streaming rights to AEW PPVs and their library.

​​​​​​Dave Meltzer (on the latest Wrestling Observer Radio )mentioned that someone could buy AEW PPV rights for 20-25 million dollars. Its all theoretical of course but its worth talking about. 

Impact has a big  tv library and Impact Plus definitely provides a lot of content for a low cost… But lets face it…Impact Plus can’t be setting the world on fire on what is a crowded market place. Adding AEW PPVs and their library on demand would greatly change this. All of the sudden Impact Plus would be on the map and possible competition to WWE Network. For a monthly fee you could get every AEW PPV ( I would assume Impact PPVs would become added too).AEW fans would definitely sign up for such an easy deal. 

The 25 million dollar investment would be well worth it and open the door for them to go after other combat sports. If Asper didn’t want to spend that money he could get his partners involved or partner with the Khan’s ( Khan gets a percentage of Impact Plus and the overall rights fees are less).

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