Quick Speculation

Networks Have The Power To End WWE’s Market Dominance

Networks have the power to end World Wrestling Entertainmentt’s s market dominanceof professional wrestling . The success of AEW Shows that non WWE wresting promption can find success on cable with less expensive TV rights fees. If Fox and NBC Unversal move on from WWE and move to other wrestling promotions it would have large ramifications to the tv industry. Any kind of money deals to other wrestlong promotions like Impact, ROH. New Japan,MLW , NWA, UWN, ect… would dramatically grow these promotions and move them to a closer playing field to WWE. Likewise the loss of Fox, NBC Universal, or both could dramatically scale WWE down… And make it far more vunerable. We could see a return to the era before WWE’s national expansin, with several promotions on equal playing fields. The major difference being them being all national promotions as opposed to regional.

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