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Sinclair Should Buy My Network TV

Sinclair should maximize their broadcast portfolio by bying My Network TV. The move woukd give Ring Of Honpr Television a true national outlet to air their television show. As well as another outlet for Sinclair Inventory. Sinclair could utilize the network for news and live sports. They could also keep the syndicated reruns the broadcast service current airs or even featufe original television shows.

Sinclair Broadcasting started out as a owner of various broadcast television stations known for their conservative slanted news. Over time through acquisitions Sinclair became the second largest owner of brpadcsst stations in the US. A failed merger bid with Tribune would have made sure they were the top broadcast owner and given them ownership of WGN America. After the failed merger Sinclair bought a majority share of the Fox Regional Sports Networks from Disney. Owning them through the Diamond Sports subsidiary.

During its string of broadcast acquisitions Sinclair bought Ring of Honor Wrestling. Immediately producing an original weekly series to air on their networks and whatever stations they could syndicate to. Several RSN’s began to air the series. After the Fox RSN acquisition ROH programming has began airing n the station.The

Another notbale purchase for Sinclair was the Tennis Cable Channel. Which does not currently air ROH programming. Sinclair also started the Comet and Charge broadcast services. ROH once aired on Comet and currently airs on Charge. Sinclair also has its own in house add supported streaming service called Stirr.

Ring Of Honor Wrestling was founded in 2002 by RF Video to make up for the loss of ECW videos. Cary zsilkin evntually bought the company from RF. The company main business mode! was through DVDs.

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