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New Japan Should Work With Impact Wrestling

New Japan Pro Wrestling should work with Impact Wrestling.

Working with Impact would get them back on AXS and give NJPW talent a lot of fresh matches. The company once had air time on AXS TV but this ended when Anthem ( Impact ‘s parent company ) bought a majority ownership in the station.

The move would also give fresh match ups to Impact Wrestling and more programming for AXS TV. In the lrkcess Impact would get more tslent depth and a place to send their own talent to get better.

Impact worked with New Japan in the mod 2000’s.The original relationship collapsed when New Japan wasn’t happy with how Impact was using the talent they sent them. More specifically when Vince Russo booked Okada as a lone ranger like sidekick of Samoa Joe.

The company is under completely different management and owned by different owners . So those grudges should not effect a future relationship in the mind of this writer.

New Japan has had a working relationship with Ring of Honor Wrestling for several years. A relationship that culminated with a co-promoted sellout at Madison Square Garden. The relationship seemed to thaw for awhile after this show. But they did start to exchange talent before the carona virus pandemic made touring and international travel extremely difficult.

New Japan has also spent the last several years expanding into the United States and has booked their own domestic television shows. Aside from the previous deal with AXS TV. They currently are producing empty arena US based show called New Japan Strong. With aid from United Wrestling Network promoter Dave Marquez.

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