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Anthem Should Buy Spike TV Assets

Anthem should talk to CBS Viacom about buying Bellator, Pop TV, and the Spike TV assets( include shows like Bar Rescue ect..). A move that would greatly benefit the company and itt currend subsidaries.

AXS TV could replace Pop TV on Cable line ups that don’t have AXS TV or have it on weaker tiers. Which would get AXS on Comcast on annual national basis for the first time. Whatever cable systems they overlap would just have an AXS 2. Gicsn the station a second feed. AXS would have dramatically better carriage and a whole new tape library to exploit.

Bellator would be a huge asset for live sports programming and work well with Impact. MMA programming and wrestling programming would work together well in the same synergy. The cross promotion would not only help AXS …It would make programming both promotions stronger as a result. Both properties could be leveraged to streaming services like DAZN or ESPN Plus.

Shows like Bar Rescue would only boost AXS TV’s programming. Allowing the station itself to become more of a destinations. The addition of the Spike TV library and IP could also prove useful to sell to streaming services or for Anthem to start their own. Bellator programming could slot right into Impact Plus as it is.

Spike TV was started when Viacom made the decision to rebrand The National Network inro a network for me under the latter brand name. The station struggled to fill this nitch. But had success with the WWE Rww Brand Viacom had already acquired in the TNN days. The successful business relationship with UFC helped to boost the stations profile. UFC becoming the dominate brand once WWE left to return to USA Network..

Spike gave a change to Impact Wrestling and acheived mild ratings success. Able to sell UFC and Impact commercial spots as a package. Once UFC left for Fox Viacom purchased Bellator to act as its MMA programming. By that point Spike abandoned its male driven format to attract a more mainstream demo.

The loss of UFC hit the station hard and over time Impact ratings slipped to a degree. Spike later made the decison to part ways with Impact Wrestling after losing faith in the promotion over management issues. Spike TV lost more ground and waw eventually rebranded to Paramount. Recently the combined CBS Viacom has decided to turn Paramount into a made for tv movie network. Bellator moving to CBS Sports and any other programming once associated with Spike set to move elsewhere in the CBS Viacom portfolio.

Pop TV was started out as the rebranded TV Guide Channel. Airing older shows in the CBS library. It later became a home for Impact Wrestling. Eventually letting the brand ago. After the CBS Viacom merger Pop became part of the greater Viacom Cable Library. And seems posed for a rebrand if it remains as part of the CBS Viacom family.

Bellator was a smaller MMA promotion that originally aired programming on MTV 2. After UFC acquired Strikeforce it became the de-facto number 2 promotion. Leading to the Viacom purchase and its move to Spike TV that came soon after.

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