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Fox Should Buy World Wrestling Entertainment

Fox would be an ideal candidate to purchase World Wrestling Entertainment due to its need for valuable intellectual property and more of a streaming presence. Such a move would be beneficial within the next four years..

The move would guarantee Smackdown remained on Fox Broadcast Network well beyond when there current tv deal expires. It would also allow them to move Monday Night Raw to Fox Sports 1. A move that could dramatically improve the stations ratings average. Fox would gain a valuable over the top streaming service with the WWE Network. It would also protect the company from getting involved in bidding wars for WWE television rights down the line.

Fox would also benefit from being acquiring a profitable publically traded company in World Wrestling Entertainment. With the potential to profit off of PPV, Streaming, house shows, and merchandise revenue long term.

World Wrestling Wrestling Entertainment moved it’s Smackdown Television Program to Fox after several years on USA. The lucrative deal saw Smackdown become the Friday Night Staple for Fox. The program previously aired on Syfy Channel after years on My Network TV. The original homes for the long running series were UPN and CW Network.

Fox added Smackdown after it got outbid for the WWE Monday Night Raw television series by USA Network. This came after Fox sold its studio assets to Disney..And commited to a greater a emphasis on live sports and reality programming.

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