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Dwayne Johnson and Redbird Capital Partners Should Buy NWA

An ownership group led by Dwayne Johnson should consider buying the NWA. Such a move could pay massive dividends to both parties.

NWA seemed to have some momentum before the covid pandemic . A ownership group led by Dwayne “Rock” Johnson would give the brand considerable momentum and create a tremendous potential gain for the new ownership.

Such a move would be of great benefit to Dwayne Johnson, as a successful expansion of the NWA franchise would open the door for a long term gains for the theoretical investment. Especially with Redbird Captial Group helping with the financing. Both groups recently buying the XFL along with Danh Garcia. Backing the NWA at this stage would be far cheaper then investing in the XFL. But if both investments work out here could be a synergy between the two that could be used to grow both. Imagine a successful NWA and XFL being sold as a group to tv networks or for ad inventory?

If the former Rocky Mavia led a group to buy NWA ,they would at least have chance for a good tv deal. Its hard to can’t to see television executives turning down the chance to work with the Rock. It would be just be a matter of proving it to get paid,. At the very least people would listen to DwayneJohnson’s pitch.

Johnson just got in business with them for the XFL, so buying a wrestling promotion is very possible. Especially one with low overhead like NWA. Johnson gave them some encouragement on social media when Powerrr first launched. So he likely would be onboard with current NWA President Billy Corgan’s vision.

The potential deal would no doubt give the NWA a boost. Something the company could use after the departure of Vice President David Lagana and Covid closedown . Corgan could stay on as President and maintain a minority stake in the company with a big incentive laden deal if this thing gets big. If NWA ever gets a major tv deal…Its possible Corgan’s minority share could be much more valuable then his full ownership stake is now. This would give the NWA security in a time where there really isn’t any for small businesses. This could give the promotion the resources in needs to produce NWA Powerrr in a bubble environment.

Billy Corgan purchased the National Wrestling Alliance from Bruce Tharpe after a rocky devorce from Impact Wrestling. Corgan brought along former WWE and Impact writer Dave Lagana. Lagana produced a series of documentary style videos to promote the brand as they relaunched. Slowly the group began to work with idependent promotions . They eventually went on to have a close working agreement with Ring Honor. Before beginning to run their own shows.

Their biggest undertaking to date was producing the NWA Powerrr Youtube series…. A studio wrestling show based on the format of George Championship Wrestling and Jim Crockett’s World Championship Wrestling. The series was put on indefinite hatius due to the Covid Shutdowns that rocked the world. The promotion did begin to produce non wrestling content but that was halted when Dave Lagana resigned.

The former NWA Vice President stepped downed due to Twitter allegations of sexual assualt from a former roommate named Liz Savage. Allegations Dave Lagana has denied . The NWA has begun to continue without its former Vice president. As it is partnering with Dave Marquez UWF to produce a weekly PPV series in an empty arena setting.

Dwayne Johnson recently made headlines when he purchased the XFL before it went on auction for bankruptcy. Joined in his investment by Redbird Capital Partners and Dany Garcia. Garcia ( Johnson’s long time business partner and former Wife) is said to be the one who spearheaded that deal. Who is set someone that woukd be a major part if any NWA investment was ever attempted by the new XFL owners.

Johnson has found success in many different business venures with Garcia. The two own a small movie studio known as Seven Bucks Productions. As well as produce the successful Titan Games Reality Game Show for NBC.

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