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AEW Should Start FTW Promotion

AEW would benefit by using the FTW Title to create a secondary promotion. This new promotion would serve as a developmental and secondary promotion.

The second promotion would give them another to sell. But would also give a place to work for AEW talent not focused on in Dynamite. It would also be a place for more inexperienced talent to get expect ring time . Much like what NXT has done for WWE. With AEW’s huge roster size it is inevitable that they will need a place to work for their extraneous talents. Especially ones that need seasoning.

AEW could run the promotion out of Daily’s Place in the beginning. Even after touring finally resumes for AEW. Daily’s Place is owned by AEW owners Shad Kahn. Where Dynamite is said to be Tony Khan’s tribute to WCW, FTW could be the same to ECW

The FTW Title was reintroduced by Taz when he awarded the belt to Brian Cageā€¦During his feud with World Champion Jon Moxley. He had continued to hold the title since after the fueid ended.

The FTW Title first made its name in ECW. Taz debuted the belt when he declared himself the uncrowned Wprld Champion. Once he won the real belt FTW was retired. But Taz still owns the rights to the belt. Thus allowong for its return on AEW programming.

AEW signed a TV extension in early 2020 that saw its rights fees triple and promised a second series on a Warner Media station later in the year. It remains to be seen if the real FTW pans have anything to do with this.

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