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Impact Should Move To Monday Nights

A move to Monday Nights is just what Impact Wrestling needs to generate excitement for their program. The move is also something that wrestling fans desperately need.

Many critics of WWE feel that Raw is largely boring and not the destination it once was when it was at its peak. Wrestling fans. An alternative wrestling show could be just the think to make Monday Nights feel like wrestling night again.

A move to Monday Night would immediately put Impact back in the spotlight in a way it hasn’t been since the Spike TV years. It would excite the company ‘s fanbase while also givening something for general wrestling fans to get excited about.

Being on stations owned by their parent company gives Impact more leverage and more room to fail. Also AXS has a much smaller viewer audience then USA. So its possible there are enough of the people that would watch Impact live against Raw.

There is also the possibility wrestling fans disgruntled with Raw (or not willing to watch an additional night of wrestling ) will be willing to watch Impact its on the same night. Another perk of being on an Anthem owned station is the power to make your own schedule. Impact could air from 7-9 to get a one hour lead in on Raw. With a replay from 9-11.

There are many reasons why this would be different from Impact’s failed attempt at a Monday Night War in the past. There was far more less room for them to fail. Spike needed their million viewers and wasn’t going to take half of that to win some war they didn’t care about. Impact is also in a far better place creatively and seems to have moved on from trying to recreate the attitude era. The audience and creative energy of Raw is also for weaker then in was in 2010.

Impact Wrestling tried to go head to head with Monday Night Raw on January 4th 2010. They did so with the hope that Hulk Hogan could draw in a new audience that would recreate the original Monday Night Wars. The first week special drew Impact’s highest ratings and led to a permanent move in March. Despite having Hogan, and brining in names like Jeff Hardy,Ric Flair, RVD, Ken Anderson, and Impact’s existing starsā€¦Ratings split in half after just a few weeks weeks. By the end of that summer Impact was permanently moved back to Thursdays.

From the time Impact first landed on regular tv the goal of Jeff Jarrett was to eventually get the company a Monday Night Slot to go up against Monday Night Raw. The belief was that it would excite the fanbase and bring Impact to new heights. The goal remained very much a part of Dixie’s plans even as Jarrett lost control of the company. Eric Bishoff and Hulk Hogan were big proponents of the idea when they came on board for 2010.

The original Monday Night War started when Ted Turner gave WCW an hour on Monday Nights to go head to head with Monday Nughte Raw. Despite scepticism from critics, WCW had a big enough audience to folkow them to Monday Night Nitro.Long term the ratings for born shows ended up going up. Nitro’s fresh approach by Eric Bischoff and the Star Power of the past ( Hogan, Flair, Savage, Sting, Kevin Nash, and Scott Hall) eventually led to Nitro domonating the ratings for an 83 weak stress.

WWF battled back with the likes of Steve Austin, DX, The Rock, and Mick Foley. WWE would dominate Mondays again. Due to bad creative and numerous restarts WCW business would crator just as their parent company had sold to AOL. Executives who wanted nothing to do with wrestling now had an excuse to cancel what had become a huge money losing subsidiary to the company. Eventually the company shut down with all its tape library and trademarks sold off to WWF.

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