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Walmart Should Buy Anthem

Walmart should maximize their potential growth by acquiring Anthem. The move would be a plus for Anthem subsidiary Impact Wrestling.

Walmart is looking to expand into the tech sector and compete with Amazon. They are currently trying to buy TikTok in a combined bid with Microsoft. And have already begun competing with Amazon when it comes to deliveries. Purchasing Anthem would be another step in becoming a multi-faceted company.

Such a deal would give then valuable ip in Impact Wrestling and everything in the Anthem video library. They would own a majority interest in AXS, which would give them there own tv channel. Owning Impact would give them Inpeact Plus which would allow them to get back into streaming.

Impact Wrestling would be a good sports property for Walmart to own and likewise they could really help Impact Wrestling continue to grow with their money and infulence. Impact would be a great investment if Walmart was able to turn them into a multi-million dollar operation. .But in the meantime it would continue to be content for AXS , like it has been since Anthem bought the station.

Anthem is a privately held company owned by former Canadian media mogul Leonard Asper. Which owns Fight Network, Impact Wrestling, and a majority ownership stake in AXS TV.

Walmart is a long term retail chain dealing in commerical products and groceries. The store has placed a hjgher emphasis on quick delieveries for online purchases as it looks to compete with Amazon. Walmart’s attempt to purchase a stake in TikTok is not theIr first foray into the tech industry. As the once owned the Vudu a la carte streaming service until selling it off.

TikTok is a popular social media website and is the subsidiary of the Bytedance Company based in China. The parent cotmoanye has cone under pressure from the US to sell their US operations to a American based company. In addition to Facebook and Walmart, Oracle ( a tech company itself) is also rumored to be in the running. Many of their international operations could also be part of any deal.

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