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Impact Will Be Competitive With AEW in 2024

Impact Wrestling is poised to compete with AEW in 2024. This is due to the efforts of their long rebuild and the synergy with parent company Anthem. They seemed poised to build a bigger following to rival the Spike TV days in the coming years..

All the building blocks they have put in place will continue to grow and the company will slowly become more popular. The company has spent years rebuilding from the loss of major tv deals. With the overhaul in creative and talent evaluation the fruits of their rebuild is starting to take shape. and Anthem’s overall portfolio should also grow the company.

The acquisition of AXS TV for the companies cable home and the station’s own potential to grow can not be understated in all this. Only this time they will be able to monetize much better. In time there demo will get younger and they will become competition to AEW. They will also be precieved by WWE as a potential threat once all this happens.

The launch of AEW wrestling and its effect on the wrestling business can only boast Impact’s chances of success. As it helps to disprove the notion that only WWE can be successful on a national level. While AEW has the ability to take a lot of premium talent off the market. They can’t sign everyone. Talent will need a strong third option besides WWE and AEW. Anthem has the resources to pay talent good money to sign with Impact. And as the company is more successful the more money they will have to bring i ngood talent.

It wouldn’t be surprising to see Impact get a major tv deal ( possible major streaming deal instead) of their own by 2024. Or the value they are to AXS will make up for not having one. They could also have a little bit of both ( a show on a major network and another remaining on AXS) This will all have a ripple effect on the entire wrestling industry.

Impact Wrestling launched in 2002 founded by Jeff and Jerry Jarrett to fill the void left by the loss of WCW and ECW. The early model for the business was to produce weekly PPVs. After the losses quickly piled up the Jarrett’s sold to the family of Dixie Carter, who was working as their publicist the time. The Carter’s Panda Energy became the new parent company for the promotion. The promotion survived long enough to do a time buy on Fox Sports Nets. After this failed to be financially viable, they eventually found their way on Spike TV.

Ratings success on Spike led to a lucrative tv deal. This and several international tv deals helped to get the company solvent for a short time. They also had some early success with PPV and moderate success on house shows. But overtime it became harder and harder to monetize beyond TV rights. Critics often criticized the company for his nonsensical storylines and poor booking for much of its history. As well as there tendency to overpush stars from the past at the expense of their own homegrown talent.

A few years affer the failed attempt to go up against WWE on Monday Nights. Spike TV quietly cancelled Impact. By this point Panda Energy stopped funding Impact and gave it up in full for Dixie to run.

After a brief run on Destination America Impact wound up with a low paying tv deal on PopTV. The company began to lose massive amounts of money. Many core members of the roster began to leave for greener pastures.

As the company fell into dire straights financially Dixie Carter began to leverage stock in the company to many different companies and individuals. These included Aroluxe, Anthem, and Billy Corgan. While Corgan seemed poised to eventually buy the company whole, it soon became apparent that Anthem wanted control. A long legal battle between Corgan and Carter led to Dixie remaining owner of the company. But control soon ended up in the hands of Anthem.

The Anthem ownership featured a rocky start Impact lost its deal with Pop and had to sign with Pursuit TV. A cable station with far less clearances. Eventually Anthem was able to purchase a majority share in AXS TV, thus given Impact a stable new home owned by their parent company.

By this point the company had already begun a long rebuild. Which resulted in a creative overhaul and the development of homegrown talent. The company appears more financially stable then it has been in years.

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