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AOL Should Bid On WWE Programming In 2024

In a changiing media landscape AOL would be wise to place a major bid for Raw or Smackdown in 2024. A move that would also allow WWE to take advantage of the same changing media landscape.

It can be argued that AOL should invest in more live programming to take advantage of the streaming era . Bidding on Raw and Smackdown would make a lot of sense. Raw or Smackdown could be good anchor programming for the website.There is also the possibility of bringing over NXT much sooner,as there deal is up at the end of 2021. While Raw and Smackdown have until 2024 on there deals. Starting with NXT would be a lower cost experiment to see if it was worth it to path for the more expensive brands. NXT also has an exclusive of being a streaming only property.

While it would seem fool hard for WWE to seriously consider bringing one of there main properties to exclusive streaming. The world could be much different in 2024. Streaming has only become more prevalent and there is a race among programmers to acquire IP to push subs to their budding streaming services. In 2024, streaming could be close to surpassing Cable television as many predict it will long term. Placing it on AOL also doesn’t mean the show would be behind a paywall. As aol can offer the live stream for anyone to view. They would just ultize the ad supported model. And could even add a premium commerical free plan to get the best of both worlds.

By taking advange of streaming verizon could expand AOL’s profile in way it hasn’t had since the advent of Cable Internet. Transforming AOL into a streaming service would be the best way to make the brand one of the keading companies in the tech industry once again.

AOL made its name as a major ISP provider in the nintiess and early aughts. The company became the leader in Dial Up Iternet. And even expanded into the tv industry with the purchase of of Time Warner. But the value of the companies immediately dropped post merger. Things were made worse as AOL lost its market share to cable and dsl services.

AOL was spun off into its own company with a renewed focus as a web portal and news site. A major acquisition to cement this strategy change was the purchase of the Huffington Post… As well as the interation of its news asswets into the AOL website. This pivot in strategy did did help to give the company a new purpose and sustainability in the past decade..

Verizon eventually purchased AOL and paired it with Yahoo in the Verizon Media Subsidary ( originally known as Oath). Critics have said the buyout has not gone as well as Verizon hoped.

WWE made headlines in 2018 by signing lucrative tv deals for Raw and Smackdown which fully kicked in the fall of 2019. The deals tripled WWE domestic television revenue and helped land them there most lucrative quarter ever in the recent earnings report. The deal moved Smackdown from its long time home on USA Network to the Fox Network. Raw remained flagship programming for USA.

After the news of rival AEW’s new timeslot on TNT, USA ended up paying to bring NXT to the network for an alleged extra 30 million dollars. Fallimg ratings and changes in the television industry has led to speculation on just what the tv revenue will look like when WWE begins their nex major tv deals in 2024.

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